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I normally pimp this out like a crappy punk show every month, but this time it's important.

The Urban-Suburban Poetry Slam makes a special appearance at Milestones on East Avenue this Wednesday, June 16th from 7:30-9:30.

Those of you who aren't familiar with the concept of the poetry slam, its a competitive performance poetry contest, pitting different poets against each other. However, the slam was made famous by the crowd participation - if you don't like a poet, you're encouraged to heckle and berate them while they perform. The contest is judged by randomly selected audience members, in three rounds.

Milestones will be offering drink specials and food will be available as well.

Theres a $2 cover at the door, because apparently he needs to make money. Just enough to help me fund flyering for next time and little enough you can dig up the cover in the cushions of your couch or in your car.

If you'd like to compete, keep your poetry within 3 minutes, and bring at least 3 pieces.

If you're not a poet, I recommend you come down - this is NOT your high school textbook poetry. It's in-your-face political, religious, philosophical, satirical three minute forays into the minds of the poets. In fact, most of us HATE E. E. Cummings. :)

Any questions, I encourage you to email me at deluin1@rochester.rr.com, IM at Deluin, or call me at 281-5949. Ask for Rob. Thanks!

Dictaphone Records!

I've heard that some noize labels have dug up dictaphone type recording things that let you cut records of dubious quality but high collectable value.

I know about lathe cut records and obviously I can't afford that.

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Classic or Dud? Any info on getting one of these? Wanna list some records put out on these? (Sorry if you're seeing this multiple times!)

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My first completed project Ever!

It's a hat for my fiance, though it's more like a beanie. I didn't reduce my stiches as much as I should have, so there's a hole at the top. We'll call it an air hole. Ventalation. And, at first my stiches didn't want to connect (this was my first attempt with circular needles) so I have this sort of rim and a hole in the front. Tiny hole. *laughs* Like I said, it's my frist completed project. I guess since it looks like a hat, I must have did something right.

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anyone interested in seeing a fun local band:

i saw this in my friend pete's profile (he's one of the guitarist/vocalists)

smock is a band of four, playful jackasses (dan, pete, ed, adam). mix of ben folds, bnl, 80s and such. very fun, great chemistry, hilarious people. they'll be playing all original stuff, i think, maybe some meledies. who knows. regardless, i plug away.


January 2nd, Steel Music Hall - the WelFarewell show. Starts at 9. we go on first, so BE THERE AT 9! Steel Music Hall is behind Pulse in henrietta. so on and so forth. it should be a fun show, i think. also playing:: welfare (it is their farewell show, after all), johnny action, chapter 9, and i think maybe gonculator? or maybe they just promoted it on their site

February 6th, SUNY Purchase - Ed got us a gig! (ed = drummer/vocalist)
February 28th, Nazareth College

i'll update times when i find them out.

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